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    Synthesis and reactivity of a mononuclear non- haem cobalt(IV)-oxo complex 

    Wang, Bin; Lee, Yong-Min; Tcho, Woon-Young; Tussupbayev, Samat; Kim, Seoung-Tae; Kim, Yujeong; Seo, Mi S.; Cho, Kyung-Bin; Dede, Yavuz; Keegan, Brenna C.; Ogura, Takashi; Kim, Sun H.; Ohta, Takehiro; Baik, Mu-Hyun; Ray, Kallol; Shearer, Jason; Nam, Wonwoo (2017)
    Terminal cobalt(IV)-oxo (Co-IV-O) species have been implicated as key intermediates in various cobalt- mediated oxidation reactions. Herein we report the photocatalytic generation of a mononuclear non- haem [(13-TMC) ...