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    Tsuji-Trost Cyclization of Disulfonamides: Synthesis of 12-Membered, 11-Membered, and Pyridine-Fused Macrocyclic Triamines 

    Ali, Rameez; Anugu, Sreenivasa; Chawla, Reena; Demillo, Violeta G.; Goulinet-Mateo, Florian; Gyawali, Sagar; Hamal, Sunil; Jones, Dylan E.; Lamprecht, Katrin; Le, Truc; Lumangtad, Liezel A.; Pflug, Nicholas C.; Sama, Alekhya; Scarbrough, Emily D.; Bell, Thomas W. (ACS Omega, 2019)
    Macrocyclic triamine disulfonamides can be synthesized by double Tsuji-Trost N-allylation reaction of open-chain disulfonamides with 2-alkylidene-1,3-propanediyl bis(carbonates). The previously used Atkins-Richman ...