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    Formation of the Isthmus of Panama 

    O'Dea, Aaron; Lessios, Harilaos A.; Coates, Anthony G.; Eytan, Ron I.; Restrepo-Moreno, Sergio A.; Cione, Alberto L.; Collins, Laurel S.; de Queiroz, Alan; Farris, David W.; Norris, Richard D.; Stallard, Robert F.; Woodburne, Michael O.; Aguilera, Orangel; Aubry, Marie-Pierre; Berggren, William A.; Budd, Ann F.; Cozzuol, Mario A.; Coppard, Simon E.; Duque-Caro, Herman; Finnegan, Seth; Gasparini, German M.; Grossman, Ethan L.; Johnson, Kenneth G.; Keigwin, Lloyd D.; Knowlton, Nancy; Leigh, Egbert G.; Leonard-Pingel, Jill S.; Marko, Peter B.; Pyenson, Nicholas D.; Rachello-Dolmen, Paola G.; Soibelzon, Esteban; Soibelzon, Leopoldo; Todd, Jonathan A.; Vermeij, Geerat J.; Jackson, Jeremy B. C. (2016)
    The formation of the Isthmus of Panama stands as one of the greatest natural events of the Cenozoic, driving profound biotic transformations on land and in the oceans. Some recent studies suggest that the Isthmus formed ...