The Basques have a reputation for loving their homeland and also leaving it, from being some of the first naval explorers to the Americas to mass migrations, the Basque diaspora inspires various perspectives to tell their story. The Diaspora and Migration Series explores these stories through a combination of scholarly and trade books.

The Center for Basque Studies Press is the world’s primary English-language source for publishing on topics related to the Basques, the Basque Country, and Basque culture, history, politics, diaspora issues, and classic texts.

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The Center for Basque Studies furthers Basque-related study by conducting, facilitating, and disseminating original Basque-related research in the humanities and social sciences, in cooperation with appropriate academic departments at the University of Nevada, Reno, as well as at other American and foreign universities.

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    Basques in Cuba 

    Abrisketa, Haizpea; Aguirreazkuenaga, Joseba; Álvarez Gila, Óscar; Amores Carredano, Juan Bosco; Apaolaza Ávila, Urko; Arrozarena, Cecilia; Cobiella García, Michael; Çuburu-Ithorotz, Beñat; de la Caridad García Salgado, Mónica; Douglass, William A.; Hernández García, Miliada; Hernández Pérez, Pedro Luis; Hierrezuelo Planas, María Cristina; Irigoyen Artetxe, Alberto; Jiménez, Edorta; López, Félix Julio Alfonso; Márquez Jaca, Sergio Luis; Otero Abreu, Hilda; Ramírez Pérez, Jorge Freddy; Ramos Martínez, Jon Ander |Sánchez Garrido, Maithe |Ugalde Zubiri, Alexander; Urquijo, Mikel (2016)