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    Cross-Cultural Differences in a Global “Survey of World Views” 

    Saucier, Gerard; Kenner, Judith; Iurino, Kathryn; Malham, Philippe B.; Chen, Zhuo; Thalmayer, Amber G.; Kemmelmeier, Markus; Tov, William; Boutti, Rachid; Metaferia, Henok; Çankaya, Banu; Mastor, Khairul A.; Hsu, Kung-Yu; Wu, Rongxian; Maniruzzaman, M.; Rugira, Janvier; Tsaousis, Ioannis; Sosnyuk, Oleg; Adhikary, Jyoti R.; Skrzypińska, Katarzyna; Poungpet, Boonmee; Maltby, John; Salanga, Maria G. C.; Racca, Adriana; Oshio, Atsushi; Italia, Elsie; Kovaleva, Anastassiya; Nakatsugawa, Masanobu; Morales-Vives, Fabia; Ruiz, Victor M.; Gutierrez, Ricardo A. B.; Sarkar, Anindita; Deo, Tripti; Sambu, Lenah; Veria, Elizabeth H; Coleta, Marilia F. D.; Kiama, S. G.; Hongladoram, Soraj; Derry, Robbin; Beltrán, Héctor Z.; Peng, T. K.; Wilde, Matthias; Ananda, Fr A.; Banerjee, Sarmila; Bayazit, Mahmut; Joo, Serenity; Zhang, Hong; Orel, Ekaterina; Bizumic, Boris; Shen-Miller, Seraphine; Watts, Sean; Pereira, Marcos E.; Gore, Ernesto; Wilson, Doug; Pope, Daniel; Gutema, Bekele; Henry, Hani; Dacanay, Jovi C.; Dixon, Jerry; Köbis, Nils; Luque, Jose; Hood, Jackie; Chakravorty, Dipti; Pal, Ananda M.; Ong, Laysee; Leung, Angela; Altschul, Carlos (2015)
    We know that there are cross-cultural differences in psychological variables, such as individualism/collectivism. But it has not been clear which of these variables show relatively the greatest differences. The Survey of ...