The Department of Physics in the College of Science is a small department by enrollment but operates a large enterprise in terms of research and "service" education for engineering and other science departments.

The department is one of the leaders of the University in external grant funding and teaches hundreds of students from other disciplines every semester.

In addition, the department has a continuing collaboration with the Desert Research Institute's atmospheric sciences program which grants advanced degrees in atmospheric physics track B.A. degree through the Department of Physics. The department is proud of the fact that students at all levels are encouraged to become involved in research and many undergraduates have publication before graduation. Visit the Physics Department Website.

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Recent Submissions

  • Airborne Aerosol in Situ Measurements during TCAP: A Closure Study of Total Scattering 

    Kassianov, Evgueni; Berg, Larry K.; Pekour, Mikhail; Barnard, James; Chand, Duli; Flynn, Connor; Ovchinnikov, Mikhail; Sedlacek, Arthur; Schmid, Beat; Shilling, John; Tomlinson, Jason; Fast, Jerome (7/31/2015)
    We present a framework for calculating the total scattering of both non-absorbing and absorbing aerosol at ambient conditions from aircraft data. Our framework is developed emphasizing the explicit use of chemical composition ...
  • Development of Pm2.5 Source Impact Spatial Fields Using a Hybrid Source Apportionment Air Quality Model 

    Ivey, C. E.; Holmes, H. A.; Hu, Y. T.; Mulholland, J. A.; Russell, A. G. (7/20/2015)
    An integral part of air quality management is knowledge of the impact of pollutant sources on ambient concentrations of particulate matter (PM). There is also a growing desire to directly use source impact estimates in ...
  • Ion Dynamics Effect on Stark-Broadened Line Shapes: A Cross-Comparison of Various Models 

    Ferri, Sandrine; Calisti, Annette; Mossé, Caroline; Rosato, Joël; Talin, Bernard; Alexiou, Spiros; Gigosos, Marco A.; González, Manuel A.; González-Herrero, Diego; Lara, Natividad; Gomez, Thomas; Iglesias, Carlos; Lorenzen, Sonja; Mancini, Roberto C.; Stambulchik, Evgeny (7/4/2014)
    Modeling the Stark broadening of spectral lines in plasmas is a complex problem. The problem has a long history, since it plays a crucial role in the interpretation of the observed spectral lines in laboratories and ...
  • Measurements of Light-Absorbing Particles on the Glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru 

    Schmitt, C. G.; All, J. D.; Schwarz, J. P.; Arnott, W. P.; Cole, R. J.; Lapham, E.; Celestian, A. (2/12/2015)
    Glaciers in the tropical Andes have been rapidly losing mass since the 1970s. In addition to the documented increase in temperature, increases in light-absorbing particles deposited on glaciers could be contributing to the ...
  • Tungsten Data for Current and Future Uses in Fusion and Plasma Science 

    Beiersdorfer, Peter; Clementson, Joel; Safronova, Ulyana I. (6/15/2015)
    We give a brief overview of our recent experimental and theoretical work involving highly charged tungsten ions in high-temperature magnetically confined plasmas. Our work includes X-ray and extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy, ...