The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is training Nevada's next generation of problem solvers. Our students learn to apply their scientific and technical expertise to some of our planet's biggest problems, including decaying infrastructure, polluted drinking water and clogged roadways.

A well-rounded core curriculum combined with opportunities for students to specialize in a subfield of civil engineering gives our graduates both breadth and depth of engineering knowledge. Additionally, a departmental emphasis on creating life-long learners who can communicate about technical, social and ethical issues in engineering design prepares our graduates to work well in interdisciplinary and team environments.

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  • Iron-Bound Organic Carbon in Forest Soils: Quantification and Characterization 

    Zhao, Q.; Poulson, S. R.; Obrist, D.; Sumaila, S.; Dynes, J. J.; McBeth, J. M.; Yang, Y. (8/24/2016)
    Iron oxide minerals play an important role in stabilizing organic carbon (OC) and regulating the biogeochemical cycles of OC on the earth surface. To predict the fate of OC, it is essential to understand the amount, spatial ...