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    The Kalanchoe genome provides insights into convergent evolution and building blocks of crassulacean acid metabolism 

    Yang, Xiaohan; Hu, Rongbin; Yin, Hengfu; Jenkins, Jerry; Shu, Shengqiang; Tang, Haibao; Liu, Degao; Weighill, Deborah A..; Yim, Won C.; Ha, Jungmin; Heyduk, Karolina; Goodstein, David M.; Guo, Hao-Bo; Moseley, Robert C.; Fitzek, Elisabeth; Jawdy, Sara; Zhang, Zhihao; Xie, Meng; Hartwell, James; Grimwood, Jane; Abraham, Paul E.; Mewalal, Ritesh; Beltran, Juan D.; Boxall, Susanna F.; Dever, Louisa V.; Palla, Kaitlin J.; Albion, Rebecca L.; Garcia, Travis M.; Mayer, Jesse A.; Lim, Sung D.; Wai, Ching M.; Peluso, Paul; Van Buren, Robert; De Paoli, Henrique C.; Borland, Anne M.; Guo, Hong; Chen, Jin-Gui; Muchero, Wellington; Yin, Yanbin; Jacobson, Daniel A.; Tschaplinski, Timothy J.; Hettich, Robert L.; Ming, Ray; Winter, Klaus; Leebens-Mack, James H.; Smith, J. Andrew C.; Cushman, John C.; Schmutz, Jeremy; Tuskan, Gerald A. (2017)
    Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) is a water-use efficient adaptation of photosynthesis that has evolved independently many times in diverse lineages of flowering plants. We hypothesize that convergent evolution of protein ...