The Center for Basque Studies Press is the world’s primary English-language source for publishing on topics related to the Basques, the Basque Country, and Basque culture, history, politics, diaspora issues, and classic texts.

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  • The Selected Essays of Julio Caro Baroja 

    Caro Baroja, Julio (2011)
  • The Basques 

    Caro Baroja, Julio (2009)
  • Basques in Cuba 

    Abrisketa, Haizpea; Aguirreazkuenaga, Joseba; Álvarez Gila, Óscar; Amores Carredano, Juan Bosco; Apaolaza Ávila, Urko; Arrozarena, Cecilia; Cobiella García, Michael; Çuburu-Ithorotz, Beñat; de la Caridad García Salgado, Mónica; Douglass, William A.; Hernández García, Miliada; Hernández Pérez, Pedro Luis; Hierrezuelo Planas, María Cristina; Irigoyen Artetxe, Alberto; Jiménez, Edorta; López, Félix Julio Alfonso; Márquez Jaca, Sergio Luis; Otero Abreu, Hilda; Ramírez Pérez, Jorge Freddy; Ramos Martínez, Jon Ander |Sánchez Garrido, Maithe |Ugalde Zubiri, Alexander; Urquijo, Mikel (2016)
  • The Old Law of Bizkaia (1452): A Critical Edition 

    Monreal Zia, Gregorio; Center for Basque Studies Press; Douglass, William A.; White, Linda (2005)
  • The Basques 

    Allières, Jacques (2016)
  • Language Rights and Cultural Diversity 

    Irujo, Xabier; Miglio, Viola; Urrutia, Iñigo; de Varennes, Fernand; Gerrand, Peter; Foucher, Pierre; Braen, André; Núñez Seixas, Xosé M.; Viri, Denis; Reyhner, Jon; Nevins, Eleanor (2013)
    This book treats the lack of official status of many of the world's languages, along with other cultural, political, and legal factors, that contribute to a worldwide loss of linguistic diversity and cultural richness.
  • Opportunity Structures in Diaspora Relations: Comparisons in Contemporary Multilevel Politics of Diaspora and Transnational Identity 

    Butler, Kim D.; Canefe, Nergis; Cohen, Robin; Douglass, William A.; Laguerre, Michel S.; Safran, William; Sheffer, Gabriel; Tölölyan, Khachig; Totoricagüena, Gloria (2007)
    Treats the main characteristics and organizational structures of contemporary ethno-national diasporas.
  • Writers In Between Languages: Minority Languages in the Global Scene 

    Arcocha, Aurelia; Olaziregi, Mari Jose; Arregi Diaz de Heredia, Rikardo; Atxaga, Bernardo; Landa, Mariasun; Agur Meabe, Miren; Zaldua, Iban; Arruti, Nerea; Delgado, Elena; Fernández Cifuentes, Luis; Martín, Annabel; Pla, Xavier; Resina, Joan Ramon; Santana, Mario; Sosa-Velasco, Alfredo J.; Ugarte, Michael; Vilarós-Soler, Teresa M. (2009)
    Th book debates the consequences implied by linguistic extra-territorialization for many authors in a minority language, the realignment implied by the hegemony of English for all other literatures, and the options open ...
  • Playing Fields: Power, Practice, and Passion in Sports 

    Vaczi, Mariann; Messner, Michael A.; Vertinksy, Patricia; Wells, Cassandra; Van Veen, Stephanie; González-Abrisketa, Olatz; MacClancy, Jeremy; Guilianotti, Richard; Parlebas, Pierre; During, Bertrand; Collard, Luc; Extebeste Otegi, Joseba; Lavega, Pere; Armstrong, Gary; Vest, Emily; Wacquant, LoΪc J. D.; Davies, Richard O.; Urdangarin Liebaert, Clara; Brent, T. David; Hargreaves, Jennifer A. (2013)
    Reflections on games, sports, and motor practices and their interaction with global-local processes, inequality, gender relations, identity, representation, performance, and emotion.
  • Learning from the Bilbao Guggenheim 

    Guasch, Anna Maria; Zulaika, Joseba; MacCannell, Dean; Fraser, Andrea; Lippard, Lucy R.; Azua, Jon; Viar, Javier; Haacke, Hans; Muntadas; Guilbaut, Serge; Moxey, Keith; Camara, Ery; Sekula, Allan; Gilbert-Rolfe, Jeremy; Welchman, John C.; Colomina, Beatriz (2005)
    This book focuses on the “Guggenheim effect” five years after the opening of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, and reflects on the iconic location's influence on art, architecture, museums, and urban renewal.
  • War, Exile, Justice, and Everyday Life, 1936-1946 

    Ott, Sandra; Irujo, Xabier; Anderson, Peter; López De Maturana, Virginia; Olaziregi, Mari Jose; Resina, Joan Ramon; Soo, Scott; Piketty, Guillaume; Bowles, Brett; De Pablo, Santiago; Mees, Ludger; Stuart Bergerson, Andrew; Stehle, Maria; Vinen, Richard; Fogg, Shannon L.; Fishman, Sarah (2011)
    This book focuses on the lives of ordinary people ensnared in world events of the 1930s and 1940s beyond their control such as the bombing of Gernika, Spanish Civil War exile, France’s sudden defeat and its occupation and more.
  • Beyond Guernica and the Guggenheim: Art and Politics from a Comparative Perspective 

    Heinich, Nathalie; Arpal Poblador, J.; Arana, Juan; Moya Valgañon, Adelina; Badiola, Txomin; Manterola, Ismael; Bray, Zoe; Van Hoesen, Brett M.; Dossin, Catherine; Arriola, Aimar; Vieites, Azucena; Selz, Peter; Golvano, Fernando; Holo, Selma; Arakistain, Xabier; Noyes Platt, Susan (2015)
    This book looks at how art and politics relate with each other from a variety of theoretical and practical viewpoints, including how artists may be intentionally engaged with politics, curation as yet another aspect of the ...
  • Empire & Terror: Nationalism/Postnationalism in the New Millennium 

    Connor, Walker; Kearney, Richard; Dworkin, Dennis; Massad, Joseph; Rubert de Ventós, Xavier; Berverly, John; Lluch, Ernest; Laclau, Ernesto; Zulaika, Joseba; Douglass, William A.,; Ibarra Güell, Pedro; Aretxaga, Begoña; Pérez-Agote, Alfonso; Zizek, Slavoj; Hables Gray, Chris; Gabilondo, Joseba (2004)
    Chapters treat nationalism, globalization, and terrorism debates, including debates on stateless nations, particularism/universalism, and radical democracy.

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