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  • Acoustic Breeze 

    bensound, bensound (2015)
  • dubstep 

    bensound, bensound (2015)
  • Haptic Shape Processing in Visual Cortex 

    Snow, Jacqueline C.; Strother, L.; Humphreys, G. W. (Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2014)
    Humans typically rely upon vision to identify object shape, but we can also recognize shape via touch (haptics). Our haptic shape recognition ability raises an intriguing question: To what extent do visual cortical shape ...
  • Preserved Haptic Shape Processing after Bilateral LOC Lesions 

    Snow, Jacqueline C.; Goodale, M. A.; Culham, J. C. (The Journal of Neuroscience, 2015)
    The visual and haptic perceptual systems are understood to share a common neural representation of object shape. A region thought to be critical for recognizing visual and haptic shape information is the lateral occipital ...
  • Bringing the real world into the fMRI scanner: repetition effects for pictures versus real objects 

    Snow, Jacqueline C.; Pettypiece, C. E.; McAdam, T. D.; McLean, A. D.; Stroman, P. W.; Goodale, M. A.; Culham, J. C. (Scientific Reports, 2011)
    Our understanding of the neural underpinnings of perception is largely built upon studies employing 2-dimensional (2D) planar images. Here we used slow event-related functional imaging in humans to examine whether neural ...

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